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OxyElite Pro™ was one of these popular products that was backed by multiple clinical studies on its safety and efficacy. Researchers at Hi-Tech familiar with its effectiveness decided to “reverse-engineer” this product. Hi-Tech even took it one step further and combined the powerful effects of Garcinia Cambogia extract (standardized to Hydroxy Citric Acid) to this already powerful combination.


Hi-tech pharmaceuticals launched a yellow hexagon Lipodrene as the original fat burner formula with a combination of extracts from plants. Lipodrene is the ruler in the market for innovating new formulas to aid the weight loss industry. They have been launching new formulas for rapid weight loss every year and have captured the market.


Synadrene – 45 Ct


Researchers at Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals familiar with the effectiveness of one of the most popular supplements ever that was pulled from shelves, “reverse engineered” it. They created – Synadrene™ which combines the power of DMAA with other high caliber intensifiers and has created what will undoubtedly be the greatest weight loss product of all time. Synadrene™. Why settle for “New & Marginal” when you could have New & Improved”?